Smart Is The New Rich is the indispensable retirement guide to winning financially in the "New Normal." All-time low interest rates mixed with all-time high stock markets have put retired investors and those near retirement into the cross hairs of history. Experts agree: The markets can rise, but something has to give at some point. Where will you be when the music stops? In retirement, there are no "do overs." Smart Is The New Rich reveals your risks, considers the alternatives, and helps zero in on practical solutions.
Published by: IQ Wealth Press
Date published: 03/29/2013
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 098905389X
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Steve Jurich, Retirement Coach, Wealth Manager, and Founder of IQ Wealth Management, speaks more like a favorite professor than an insurance agent, or even a retirement adviser. Unlike the breed of annuity agents who use pressure tactics and tired lures like “free steak dinners” to gain captive audiences, Jurich’s priority is creating more informed consumers. He takes time to make sure his clients understand the range of options available to retirees so they become better educated investors on the whole. That investment of time is a significant one for Jurich (pronounced “Jur-itch”), but he believes the results his clients see in their portfolios speak for themselves. It’s been said that “knowledge is power,” and when that knowledge is applied wisely, Jurich believes it can lead to a desirable destination: lasting wealth. Besides his role as a Wealth Manager (, Jurich is a leading expert on Hybrid Index Annuities and Index Universal Life Insurance ( . He is the Editor-in-Chief of, and host of the popular radio show, Journey to Wealth, on Money Radio. His company, LYON Pension Group, specializes in defined benefits and profit sharing plans for business.
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480-902-3333 is a privately owned website published by IQ Wealth Management, an accredited member of the Better Business Burueau with an A + rating. Owner and founder Steve Jurich is a Certified Income Specialist™ who has been counseling retirees since 1994.
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How To Choose An Annuity That Won’t “Tie Up” Your Money

Once upon a time, there were only two types of annuities: immediate and deferred. An immediate annuity started paying income immediately, under a written contract with an insurance company, usually for life, based upon the person’s age. A deferred annuity was one that allowed you to build up principal inside an interest bearing account. You could then choose the year you wanted to start taking that lifetime income. There were no taxes in the meantime. Back then there were no IRA accounts yet. The process of exchanging a lump sum annuity for a series of payments—in other words the process of giving up access to the lump sum—is known as annuitizing. Back in the old days, the only way to get a lifetime guaranteed income was from an immediate annuity or a deferred annuity that you chose to annuitize.

That was decades ago and is where the idea—and the folklore — that “annuities tie up your money” actually began.

Today, there are four kinds of annuities – immediate, variable, fixed, and fixed index. And while you can choose to exchange your lump sum for lifetime income from any of the four types, a much more popular option has been developed – the living benefit rider, also known by a more common name now: the income rider.

The correctly chosen income rider on a carefully selected deferred annuity, can give you the best of both worlds – staying in control of your lump sum principal and enjoying a contractual lifetime income at the same time. The problem with annuitizing – and with immediate annuities—is that you lose touch with your lump sum. You can’t withdraw it anymore, and most people don’t like that idea. I don’t like idea. Worse yet, its pretty much an irrevocable decision. And most of us don’t like irrevocable decisions. We like to keep our options open, while enjoying exceptional benefits.

So an income rider on a variable or fixed index annuity can give you an either – or way to keep your options open. You can keep your lump sum in position to grow, while at the same locking in a separate lifetime income where you are not required to annuitize — your money is NOT tied up, and your decisions are not irrevocable.

Be careful here, however. There are some forms of variable annuities that DO require annuitization.

While it wasn’t true six or seven years ago, today it is very true that fixed index annuity riders pay more income than variable annuity riders and cost far less. Variable annuities have run into trouble with volatile markets combined with low bond rates. Many variable annuity income riders cost 1.25% to 1.55%. Whereas, many of the top fixed index annuities come with a bonus of five to ten and even twenty percent, and have a rider fee that can be between 0% and 1.2% with higher withdrawal percentages.

Do you currently own an annuity but are unhappy with it — or recently been presented with an annuity but don’t truly understand it? Unfortunately it’s a common problem, but the good news is, its a totally fixable one!

For nearly 20 years, I’ve helped clients navigate their retirements with all forms of investments, including annuities. Annuities require comparison. You wouldn’t buy a house or a car without comparing, so don’t buy any annuity unless you compare growth potential, principal safety, fees, and income guarantees with a fiduciary. Call for your FREE annuity second opinion today, with a licensed fiduciary who has your best interests in mind–legally.


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Must read

I'm a Certified Financial Adviser and if I didn't run my own company I would join this guys'. Seriously, it's a must read in today's new financial reality in fact….I'm handing these books out to many of my clients for free, it's THAT important! Thanks Steve, I hope to meet you in person one of these days.
Yuerg E.

Yuerg Eichmann March 17, 2016