Smart Is The New Rich is the indispensable retirement guide to winning financially in the "New Normal." All-time low interest rates mixed with all-time high stock markets have put retired investors and those near retirement into the cross hairs of history. Experts agree: The markets can rise, but something has to give at some point. Where will you be when the music stops? In retirement, there are no "do overs." Smart Is The New Rich reveals your risks, considers the alternatives, and helps zero in on practical solutions.
Published by: IQ Wealth Press
Date published: 03/29/2013
Edition: 1st
ISBN: 098905389X
Available in Paperback
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Steve Jurich, Retirement Coach, Wealth Manager, and Founder of IQ Wealth Management, speaks more like a favorite professor than an insurance agent, or even a retirement adviser. Unlike the breed of annuity agents who use pressure tactics and tired lures like “free steak dinners” to gain captive audiences, Jurich’s priority is creating more informed consumers. He takes time to make sure his clients understand the range of options available to retirees so they become better educated investors on the whole. That investment of time is a significant one for Jurich (pronounced “Jur-itch”), but he believes the results his clients see in their portfolios speak for themselves. It’s been said that “knowledge is power,” and when that knowledge is applied wisely, Jurich believes it can lead to a desirable destination: lasting wealth. Besides his role as a Wealth Manager (, Jurich is a leading expert on Hybrid Index Annuities and Index Universal Life Insurance ( . He is the Editor-in-Chief of, and host of the popular radio show, Journey to Wealth, on Money Radio. His company, LYON Pension Group, specializes in defined benefits and profit sharing plans for business.
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480-902-3333 is a privately owned website published by IQ Wealth Management, an accredited member of the Better Business Burueau with an A + rating. Owner and founder Steve Jurich is a Certified Income Specialist™ who has been counseling retirees since 1994.
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What are Annuities?

What are Annuities? Annuities are financial accounts issued by legal reserve insurance companies designed to provide security in retirement. Annuities come in several varieties. Some annuities are like savings accounts, others are like mutual fund accounts, some start paying an income immediately, and some annuities—known as “Hybrid” annuities—combine all of these benefits in one multi-purpose vehicle. So when you ask, what are annuities?… you will find many answers. Keeping it simple, annuities are financial accounts that have a long track record of paying reliable income to Americans regardless of how bad the economy gets. In times like these, that’s reassuring.

Annuities come with contractual guarantees that you get in writing. Some annuities come with more guarantees than others and are called fixed annuities and fixed index annuities. These annuities are built on a foundation of reserves to back every dollar in the account. The safety record on fixed annuities is even better than bank accounts. Fixed annuities have made it through two world wars, the 1929 crash, the Depression, 911, and the mortgage meltdown without losing money. Many retirees in Phoenix are considering annuities for their IRA rollovers because of the safety and security factor, combined with stable income that can’t be outlived.

There’s a fear factor in the financial markets today that didn’t exist five to ten years ago. After two severe market declines and a historic recession, the fear is warranted. Market declines have whipsawed life savings and worn down investors of all ages. Hit hardest are retirees and pre-retirees who know time is no longer on their side. They ask, what are annuities, because they are concerned that time will run out on their dream of a monthly income of $2,000 to $5,000, or even $10,000 a month guaranteed. For a retired couple accustomed to having a six figure income being deposited into their checking account, the shock of retirement combined with a market downturn is more than most people retiring in Phoenix want to experience. That’s why so many people are asking the question, what are annuities? Annuities are the only financial vehicles regulated by state government agencies that pay permanent lifetime income.

Because interest rates are rather low on plain fixed annuities, many retirees are also asking, what are hybrid index annuities? Hybrid index annuities combine the key features that smart retirees are looking for in a financial plan. No one wants another big loss in the stock market, but no one wants to sit in cash or see their money stagnate. Hybrid annuities combine the safety of fixed annuities with some of the upside of variable annuities, and the ability to pay strong stable guaranteed income for life, in one easy to own account.

Investors constantly balance their desire for the highest possible returns against their desire to guard against big losses. For many people, that balance was thrown off in recent years with the wild swings in financial markets. The prospect of further downturns has left them shaken—and more cautious. Hybrid index annuities address the problem squarely and without fanfare.

The fear factor is real when investments have to last for 30 years or more in retirement. There are no do overs or mulligans. Hoping the markets go up is not a strategy. Today, many retiring engineers, retiring teachers, and retiring business owners want at least sixty five percent of their money guaranteed against loss, while at the same time paying an income that is capable of funding all their needs. They’re asking what are annuities when they see the risk in stocks and bonds. Annuities are uniquely equipped to provide income stability and the missing pension income stream that anchored previous generations. What are annuities? They are the answer to the riddle that many retirees are faced with. Find more answers in the™ special guide, Annuities Made Simple.


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  • Receive 8% to 12% Bonus Match
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  • Lock in a lifetime income that can never be outlived
  • Benefit from market's upside with no downside losses
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Must read

I'm a Certified Financial Adviser and if I didn't run my own company I would join this guys'. Seriously, it's a must read in today's new financial reality in fact….I'm handing these books out to many of my clients for free, it's THAT important! Thanks Steve, I hope to meet you in person one of these days.
Yuerg E.

Yuerg Eichmann March 17, 2016

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Must read for retirement planning

"Smart Is The New Rich" is a great overview of the many facets of retirement planning. It has changed my thinking about how much capital I have versus how much income I will have in retirement. The book provides easy to understand, side by side comparisons of risks and growth of hypothetical investments in Hybrid Fixed Indexed Annuities and the securities market. A good read and great reference for retirement planning for all age groups!

William Thomas March 17, 2016

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Straight talk about retirement strategies

The SMART thing to do is buy this book, read it, tell your friends, and keep it handy for future reference. It is an easy read, interesting, clearly written, and full of valuable information. "Smart is the New Rich" gives a practical, no-nonsense approach to the "de-accumulation phase" of investing, and is helping me sort out my retirement plan. Of particular interest is the clarification of the strengths and weaknesses of the various types of annuities. Although the charts and graphs are a bit small in the book, the Kindle version allows expansion of the text and therefore easy to read. If you are nearing retirement, and seeking a reliable and sustainable income for a lifetime, I highly recommend you read this book!!!

Carol March 17, 2016