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As the best selling co-author of SUCCESSONOMICS with Steve Forbes, and the Ultimate Success Guide with Brian Tracy, retirement specialist Steve Jurich can help you achieve your income goals in retirement. Let him custom-design an annuity ladder for you. Read Steve's book SMART IS THE NEW RICH, available now on in paperback and Kindle-- yours FREE when you meet with Steve or one of his approved agents. Call now (888)310-1776.

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Many of our clients are retiring engineers, teachers, management professionals, business owners, and medical personnel looking for a combination of safety, yield, and liquidity. They are choosing to lock in the gains they have realized during the recent bull market, to avoid another "2008." If you are retiring soon or already retired, now is an excellent time to learn more.

What is an Annuity?

Plain and simple, an annuity is a retirement alternative for the guaranteed part of your portfolio. It does not replace your stock holdings, it is a complement. An annuity is a written contract between you and a state licensed insurance company to provide sustainable income for up to two lives. Some annuities are quite simple: a stated interest rate for a stated number of years. Full liquidity at the end just like a bond. Others are more innovative. I'll show you. While many advisors say annuities are "complicated", ask them to explain every detail of how an ETF or mutual fund really works. (Lol, far more complicated) Don't let an advisor's lack of broad and deep research keep you from making a great financial decision. We've got the facts, and we won't sugar coat anything. We'll point you to research published in the Wall Street Journal, and by institutions such as the Wharton School of Business and others.

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As members of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ ranking, we are independent and experienced with a verifiable background. We are licensed in multiple states and do business according to the Golden Rule. We want you to have the information you want and deserve-- without sales pressure.

Our Annuity GPS System™ is based on years of research and is connected to several national data bases. No one can deliver more value for your retirement and peace of mind. Beware of the agent who simply says their annuity "is the best." Make them prove it. We'll help you do that. Each person's needs are different--there is no one "best" annuity.

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